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  2. for an ever-changing world


 About the School of Theology

  1. Master of Divinity
  2. Concentration in Worship, Theology, and the Arts
  3. Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
  4. Master of Arts in Theology General Format
  5. Biblical Studies and Theology format
  6. Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature Format
  7. Theology and Arts Format
  8. Master of Arts in Specialized Ministries:
  9. Youth, Family, and Culture
  10. Family Life Education
  11. Evangelism
  12. Multicultural Ministries
  13. Pastoral Ministry
  14. Worship, Theology and the Arts
  15. Doctor of Ministry
  16. Doctor of Philosophy
  17. Master of Theology
  18. Certificate in Youth Ministry
  19. Certificate of Christian Studies
  20. Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

About the School of Psychology
Department of Clinical Psychology

  1. Doctor of Philosophy
  2. Doctor of Psychology

Department of Marriage and Family

  1. Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy
  2. Master of Arts in Family Studies
  3. Certificate in Marriage & Family Enrichment

About the School of World Mission Programs

  1. Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  2. Dual Degrees with Hope International and Biola University
  3. Master of Arts in Intercultural Ministries
  4. Master of Arts in Global Leadership
  5. Korean Language Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  6. Th.M. in Missiology
  7. Th.M. in Intercultural Studies
  8. Korean Language Th.M. in Missiology
  9. Korean D.Min. in Global Ministry
  10. Doctor of Missiology
  11. Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies
  12. Certificate of Christian Studies
  13. Special and Cooperative Programs

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